Susan Spiegel has always taken pride in delivering the best of care to her real estate buyers and home sellers in local communities across Monterey County — including  CarmelCarmel ValleyPacific GroveMonterey, and Pebble Beach — Susan puts her clients’ needs first.

Each client gets Susan’s personal attention and service. Susan’s clients often express how much they appreciate her professionalism, dedication and her ability to create a positive home selling or buying experience while guiding them through the real process — from start to finish.

Here are just a few testimonials from past clients and agents who have enlisted the help of the Susan Spiegel to buy or sell property (from vacant land to luxury estates) in Monterey County.

Here’s What Past Clients Have to Say About Susan Spiegel…

Dave R.
From the perspective of someone who didn’t have the perfect house to sell, I can’t recommend Susan highly enough. I would have thought it would be easy to sell my house in today’s market. We had nine offers right off the bat, and yet selling it didn’t turn out to be a simple thing. There’s a lot to selling a house, and I had a house you could call “interesting”, so there were many little hurdles to overcome to get the place ready and ship-shape. There are a million things that can go wrong, and I never would have taken care of them without Susan’s help. She knew all the gotchas we needed to look out for, and she was very good at making sure everything was handled properly. 

She also had a very good sense of how to make my house the most marketable it could be. Like I said, the house was “interesting”, and needed a little help to spruce it up. She knew all the tricks of the trade to make it look the best it could be. 

We did sell it in the end, and it really didn’t take too long (escrow can seem like forever!) But there were several setbacks along the way, and each time Susan made sure we got back on track as soon as possible. If you want to get your house sold, Susan will make sure it happens!

Thanks, Susan!
Dave R. (client)

Tom and Barbara O’Malley,


We want to thank and commend you for your excellent performance in the sale of our Ocean Harbor House condo.

You developed and implemented a sound marketing and sales programs for the home. We were very impressed with your knowledge of the market, where the potential buyers might come from, and how you targeted your marketing program to reach those potential buyers.  You were effective in keeping us appraised of the progress of the sales program and objective in counseling us during the sales negotiation.  We would most certainly recommend you to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in the Monterey Peninsula.

Well done Susan,

Tom and Barbara   (client)


Ashley R.

Hi Susan!!

I just wanted to write you an extra note of thanks to try to convey how very much I appreciate all your hard work, help and friendship during the sale of my property.

Everything went so very well and I know that fact is directly attributable to you!!! From the first day we spoke, I knew I was in good hands and it meant so much to me to just be able to hand over the reigns to you and let you make it all happen! You took away all the stress I had anticipated out of the experience for me by doing all the heavy lifting while I barely had to lift a finger and your market expertise and instincts about the preparation and staging of my unit resulted a final sale price that was so much more than I had ever anticipated!!!

I will be giving your name and number without hesitation to everyone I know who needs a realtor!!! Thanks again Susan… You are the absolute best!!!!!

Take Care,
Ashley R. 🙂 (client)


Kellin Dunne

In one word, Susan was excellent. I stumbled upon her when she was showing a property in the same complex that I ended up buying in. Right off the bat she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My mother, who has purchased homes in the past, was with me and immediately reacted to what an excellent approach Susan had. I have a very busy work schedule, through the process of getting my loan secured, and finally buying my home, Susan accommodated me far and above what I would expect a realtor to do. She negotiated the price to far below what I had expected to pay; she found me a loan officer who would fit with my very specific financial situation; she knew all the details about the complex  I was buying in, down to the specific hurdles I would have to jump through to get a remodel approved. If ever I buy or sell another home in the area, I will absolutely go to Susan again and would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Kellin Dunne (Client)

Robin Joseph

After purchasing my home in Carmel, I was very pleased with the experience I had working with Susan.  However, it wasn’t until I sold and purchased another home in Alamo (East Bay Area), that I realized just HOW much her work should be appreciated.   Her attention to detail and her knowledge is above and beyond.  She took a personal interest in me and my needs, and had an incredible amount of patience as I was figuring out exactly what I wanted.  She is upfront, honest and really paid attention to the details of my sale, which made this very stressful process as painless as possible.  She has become a dear friend who I respect, admire and trust very much.

Thank you, Susan!!

Robin Joseph (Client)

Doug Rank

Dear Susan,

Now that all (well most) of the craziness of my work schedule and personal life has settled down, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you properly.  Trying to buy a home on the Monterey coast while working out-of-town (a 2+ hour drive) during the week was certainly a daunting task, but I knew it was what I wanted and the time was right. I am convinced that my dream of owning a home in Pacific Grove could not have come true without you.

You were always available by phone and in person to assist me, even to look at homes after 7 pm during the week!  I’m afraid I often caused you to become hypoglycemic while you showed me property after property during what certainly should have been your dinner time. For this and much more, I owe you dearly.  Your knowledge, your professionalism, your commitment, and your pleasant nature did not go unnoticed, nor was it unappreciated.

When I tried to summarize my appreciation in one sentence, I came up with the following:

You made shopping for a home a joy, and I don’t even like shopping for my own clothes.

I would and will recommend your services to any friend or family member in need of the world’s best and nicest real estate agent.

Thank You and Best Regards,

~Doug Rank, MD (client)

Pat Canada and Jim Henry

Dear Susan,

Jim and I could not be any happier in our ‘dream cottage’ in Monterey. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your patience, advice and time that you have given us finding the perfect place.

You have always been available at all hours of the day and night and listen carefully to our likes and dislikes.  Since we were moving from the East Bay of SF, we weren’t able to be down in the peninsula often but you kept us informed whenever something came online that you thought would work for us.

Your help with the overall transaction extended way beyond showing us houses. You made sure the mortgage broker, escrow company, insurance agent, title company, and everyone else was aligned and moved everything in record time.

Not only are you a very knowledgeable realtor, but your willingness to help us find doctors, contractors, aestheticians, health care workers and the like has made our move down here much easier.

Please feel free to use us as a reference since we know you to be very honest, extremely dedicated to making your clients happy and one of the nicest people we know.

With gratitude and fondness,

Pat Canada and Jim Henry (Client)

David Richmond

I was a first-time buyer with little experience house hunting. I knew buying a house wasn’t as simple as buying a refrigerator, or even a car, but I had no idea how much you have deal with!

Susan got me through each step of the process, with as little hassle as possible. She really knows the ins and outs of this business, and kept me prepared for what was going to happen – all the millions of forms to sign, inspections to schedule, phone calls to make, quotes to get, and every other little thing you’d forget to do – she really kept me on track to complete the deal.

Even now that I’m an “experienced” buyer, if I did it all again, I’d still want her expertise to help me through the next deal.

Dave Richmond (Client)

Susan Durham

Dear Ms Spiegel,

I wanted to write and commend you on the referral you made to me regarding the sale of my home in Arizona. The woman you referred to me was excellent.  She had the house sold the day it was to go on the MLS. If it wasn’t for your expertise, I may still be trying to sell it.
Recently, you showed me property in the Carmel Valley. I found your attentiveness to details, your professionalism, and your willingness to go the extra mile not only refreshing, but very helpful. I feel certain that you will find us the right property.
I have bought and sold many houses and feel that you are top notch in your field.  Thank you so much for all your suggestions and help in real estate matters.

I will continue to use you for all my real estate dealings.  Thank you again for being an excellent agent and a warm compassionate kind person.
All the best,

Susan Durham (Client)

Patricia Major

Dear Susan,

I just want to thank you for being part of my “selling team” at Keller Williams! Before I brought you and Keller Williams on board, I was really uncomfortable about the whole selling process. I had chosen an agent that had helped a friend in a “hot” market, but I had no idea that his discounted services meant that he would do basically nothing more than provide a listing. Then another friend told me about Keller Williams and you arrived to save the day. You’ve provided so many great ideas, including excellent suggestions for landscaping, staging, and making fairly simple changes that have made a big difference in the attractiveness of the property and house. I have no doubt that, if anyone can find the right buyer, it’s Susan. I look forward to celebrating with her!


Patricia Major (Client)

Christina and Armando

Our Great Susan!

I know this was not the easiest transaction, but you really made it as easy as it possibly could be! Armando and I are very grateful to you in helping make our homeownership dream come true!

We love you!

Christina and Armando (Homebuyers)

Lore Lingner

Dear Susan,

A million Thanks for being so terrific to work with. I would welcome the opportunity of working with you in a heartbeat. It is a joy to be associated with a Realtor who understands the importance of achieving a common goal and not letting ego get in the way. You are a credit to our industry.

With best wishes,


(Coldwell Banker Del Monte real estate agent)

Raul Ramirez

Dear Susan,

I was at the end of the rope with this deal and thought there was nothing else that could be done and can even say that I had given up, but you gave it that extra push that was needed to get the ball rolling again! All involved in this deal will owe it all to you. This is a perfect example of “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. You have earned my respect for showing such determination of how things should get done, I tip my hat to you! You are a great example for me and your professionalism inspires me, I will write this in the book of my life and will always remember it. Mr. Finnell, your client, definitely has one of the best Realtors working for him and even though the road has been rocky and uphill, you have truly showed your commitment and loyalty toward your client. Once again, Susan, it’s all because of you, thank you very much for the experience of working with you, I look forward to closing this deal and promise you one hundred percent of my efforts!


Jose Raul Ramirez, Realtor
Signature Lending Group

Anthony Wayland

“Susan was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain differences in the California market. (She) listened to our needs and wants and worked on process that worked for us. (Susan) gave us great advice for selling our home out-of-state.”

Anthony Wayland (client)


Rozina Horta

What I like about you is how you create your own space wherever you go. You are very personal; real, and you have a soothing tone to your voice.  You make people feel comfortable and this leaves a lasting impression (with me anyways).

Rozina Horta 
MCAR Agent Support Coordinator